induviae Noun/Latin
1.clothes to put on

‘induviae’ explores meaningless and meaningful relationships between ourselves and our garments. By elevating them to the core object of debate, ‘induviae’ ponders new meanings about garments as personal objects and, consequently as a valuable depository of memory.

Acknowledging a fashion industry system of fast and slow dichotomies related to the way one consumes fashion, ‘induviae’ is focused on wanted and unwanted garments within the context of everyday life (private and public spaces) considering different cultural backgrounds. It does so by exploring displacement, wrongness, and memory as the core study categories, working as three channels to conceptually and visually scrutinize the main subject.

The terms displacement and wrongness are represented in the photographic records of unwanted garments: clothes randomly left in public spaces and the worst garment in people’s wardrobe and its story, revealing meaningless connections between the garment and the wearer. In contrast, she explored wanted garments by documenting her grandmother’s relationship with her lifetime garments and homemade textiles, which formed a visual representation of the concept ‘memory’ and ‘meaning’ within fashion scope.

July 2018_Graduate Collection
Sponsorship: SEPOL